Our purpose and vision is simple to lighten and brighten the world through humanitarian and environmental care and compassion, and to become a recognizable force of goodwill ambassadors on this planet.

Can you imagine that? Imagine the impact of ‘blondes’ across the globe joining together to make a difference to our world? What a league to be reckoned with!

Blondes Inc. will be that unique phenomenon right up there with 4-leaf clovers. We will be the something that is totally new under the sun. There will always be gross humanitarian and environmental injustice – but we also know before we are through our members will jointly make a significant impact in improving lives and making the world a lighter and brighter place for as many individuals and communities as possible.

Why Blondes Incorporated? After decades of blonde jokes – payback is sweet – we decided to take a stand in a positive, life-enhancing, fun way!

Maybe time and again you have stood up and been counted – or maybe this is your first tentative step – either way, Blondes Inc. will be a brand new and entirely satisfying – experience in giving. The type of giving where you are left in no doubt that you have received far more than your piece of exquisite jewelry.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for changing them.
– Denis Waitley