Membership in Blondes Inc. comes automatically – and FREE – when you purchase your favorite piece of ‘light-inspired’ jewelry, plus it’s open to all kinds of blondes, natural, rhinestone, or those who are simply guilty of a few ‘blonde’ moments!

We want you to be proud of your giving and proud of being a Blondes Inc. member, so, with your beautiful piece of jewelry you will also receive a meaningful, exclusive membership card … just for bragging rights! As we grow, we expect our benefits to grow too, so stay tuned.

We also want to say thank you for supporting our vision – our collective Blondes Inc. vision – to shine such a light of kindness that it will truly Lighten and Brighten our World.

May you get all of your wishes – but one – so you will always
have something to strive for.
– Irish proverb