Our beautiful inspirational heart jewelry from our new Braveheart jewelry collection generates a whole range of emotions because each piece is designed with a message to speak to the heart.

Why? Because that’s what Blondes Inc. is all about touching others hearts, touching your heart, jewelry that reaches out to others, making a difference, and lightening and brightening the world through the significant donation your purchase makes.

As strong as we are as women, as hard as we try to maintain the facade that we have it all together, there are times when our heartbreak and our fear is even too much for us. We feel like the entire world is racing by and we can feel overwhelmed by our worry and anxiety. It is moments like these that a soft reminder can help us to remember to keep fighting.

Our Blondes Inc. Inspirational jewelry offers these uplifting, encouraging symbols that we are more than our circumstances. Even in the darkest moments we are gently reminded of who we are and how far we’ve come can be the flicker of light that helps us move forward.

Give a gift of ‘heart jewelry’ to yourself or another woman in your life as a caring memento of your support, friendship and love. It’s just another way of affirming our natural strength and resilience to get through the tough times.

Browse Blondes Inc. and enjoy our growing range of inspirational jewelry, connect with your emotions, share in our vision.

Jewelry is not made to give women an ‘Aura’ of wealth but to make them feel beautiful.