About Blondes Inc.

Every now and then there is something new under the sun … Sometimes, when we think we have heard and seen everything, something comes along to expand our vision, jolt our hearts, and knock our socks off! … A revenue generating company formed solely to give through creating and selling an inspiring range of charity jewelry? Doesn’t seem likely, does it? But that is precisely what Blondes Incorporated is – an organisation dedicated to creating gifts that give to charity.

In the past when we heard of, or read about, women philanthropists no doubt pictures of the fabulously rich and famous sprang to mind. Philanthropy was an area that many felt was totally out of their reach. Now, Blondes Inc. enables you to join those select humanitarians simply by giving to yourself or your friends and family beautiful gifts that give to charity. That’s right – that’s what Blondes Inc. charity jewelry is all about – giving, inspiring and making a defining difference.

We have all heard of the power of one, but what we are presenting here is the power of thousands – the same earth-moving power that is created when thousands upon thousands of single drops of water combine – the enormous, life-enhancing power and potential of Blondes Inc.

In Blondes Incorporated multitudes of women have the opportunity to become a truly powerful force for good, and to become philanthropists in their own right. Reaching out is just not for those ‘special’ women it is something that every woman – even you – can do simply by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry. Beautiful on the inside – and on the out. We think that feels – and looks – pretty good!

Blondes Inc’s has a dynamic commitment by channeling $20.00 of each silver jewelry sale and $100.00 from each gold jewelry sale to humanitarian and environmental causes throughout the world. Click here to view our Charity page.

And just for fun – and because you are a very important blonde – you will receive a classy Blondes’ membership card with your first jewelry purchase. Most importantly though, will be the thrill of knowing that you are contributing to causes around the world that ease pain and suffering.

We at Blondes Inc. have set ourselves a courageous and revolutionary challenge of lightening and brightening the world in our own unique way. We can – we will – do it.

Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it.
For boldness has genius, power and grace in it.
– Johan Wolfgang von Goethe