Giving is the heart and soul of Blondes Inc. – and when the joy to give is on you, you really have no choice but to give wholeheartedly and with abundance – so – we give with love. That’s why Blondes Inc. gives $100.00 from every piece of gold jewelry and  $20.00 from every piece of silver jewelry sold from our range of quality pendants and bracelets to benevolent causes around the world under jewelry for a cause.

We love creating jewelry for a cause, jewelry that also carries a unique message as well as benefiting others. To find out more about the organizations who, will benefit from the sale of our Blondes Inc. and Braveheart pendants and bracelets see below … Each year these organizations change, so be sure to check in again and feel free to send us your suggestions. We genuinely care, so your ideas are important to us – as is each piece of jewelry for a cause that is dear to your heart. After all, Blondes Inc. is just that – Incorporated – with each person and each cause being as important as the other.

Following is our first diverse pool of 12 wonderful charities or causes that are making an outstanding difference in their corner of the world. We know there are thousands more, each one uniquely valuable, so this pool will vary every 12 months with random causes also donated to throughout the year, benefiting from our uniquely designed range of cause jewelry.

If you want to read more about why we give, check out our About Us and Purpose page.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

– Ronald Reagan