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About Blondes Inc.

Every now and then there is something new under the sun … Sometimes, when we think we have heard and seen everything, something comes along to expand our vision, jolt our hearts, and knock our socks off! … A revenue generating company formed solely to give through creating and selling an inspiring range of charity jewelry? Doesn’t seem likely, does it? But that is precisely what Blondes Incorporated is – an organisation dedicated to creating gifts that give to charity.

In the past when we heard of, or read about, women philanthropists no doubt pictures of the fabulously rich and famous sprang to mind. Philanthropy was an area that many felt was totally out of their reach. Now, Blondes Inc. enables you to join those select humanitarians simply by giving to yourself or your friends and family beautiful gifts that give to charity. That’s right – that’s what Blondes Inc. charity jewelry is all about – giving, inspiring and making a defining difference. Read more


Our purpose and vision is simple– to lighten and brighten the worldthrough humanitarian and ...

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Our beautiful new Braveheart Collection generates a whole range of emotions because each piece is designed ...

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Giving is the heart and soul of Blondes Inc. – and when the joy to give is on you, you really have no choice but ...

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Free gift for supporting your favorite charity

Blondes Inc supports good causes with every sale. We invite you to support those causes too, so when you select the charity with your purchase, you will also receive this beautiful sterling silver pendant and chain (valued at $55.00) at no charge.

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Dreams don’t have an expiration date.
– David Niven